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Cryptogenic Stroke Quality Improvement Project (CSQIP)

MISSION STATEMENT: CSQIP seeks to improve clinical outcomes for patients with cryptogenic stroke.

One third of ischemic strokes are deemed cryptogenic (undetermined mechanism), and have historically had inadequate clinical attention given a lack of data and tools with which to diagnose and treat. However, that dynamic has changed and will continue to do so. Despite this fact, many patients are not clearly identified as having had a cryptogenic stroke and do not undergo a rigorous evaluation which may put them at risk for a recurrent stroke. There are limited to no published recommendations on what pathways hospitals should operationalize in order to work up a patient deemed to have a cryptogenic stroke that include these newer data and technologies. Several practice gaps can be identified in the care of these patients:

If you have a best practice on the Cryptogenic Stroke Pathway implementation, please submit it to: