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The NeuroHospitalist Society (NHS) was formed to create a central unifying organization of neurohospitalists.  Neurohospitalists are physicians and providers who care for hospitalized patients with, or at risk for, neurological disorders and disease.  We are a rapidly growing group focused on managing acute neurological illness and defined more by 'what we do' than a particular training experience. Many of us come from varied backgrounds (e.g., neurology, internal medicine-neurology, stroke, neurocritical care).

“When you put a Neurohospitalist in a hospital, it is remarkable the number of neurologically ill patients that come out of the woodwork.”
— Dr. S. Andrew Josephson, UCSF

Hospitals and patients may benefit from:

Physicians may benefit from:

Vision for promotes universal 24/7/365 access to neurological specialty care and helps neurohospitalists, neurointensivists, other inpatient physicians, and hospital networks to share information and learn about hospital neurology.

Our goal is to improve patient care through expanded access to current information and the knowledge and experience of fellow practitioners.


Registered members of The Neurohospitalist Society have access to the discussion forums and archives as well as the e-newsletter, NHS News. Membership is available to any physicians, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, or staffing companies who are interested in improving acute neurological healthcare.


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We’re interested in learning more about the issues important to neurohospitalist programs and practicing neurohospitalists. Please give us your feedback on what works well for you and what you’d like to see addressed on