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Practice Profiles / University of Colorado Neurohospitalists
« Last post by Dave Likosky on July 14, 2012, 04:08:20 PM »
The University of Colorado Neurohospitalist program commenced July 1, 2011. The program is housed within the internal medicine hospitalist program, and is modeled after that system. It is comprised of three neurohospitalists, Dr. William
Jones, Dr. Matthew West, and Dr. Jennifer Simpson, and one nurse practitioner, Alex Graves. Drs. Jones and Simpson are stroke specialists, while Dr. West compeleted a fellowship in neuroimmunology. Each spend eight months on the inpatient service, one half day of clinic per week and has four months of “academic” time. The inpatient service is divided into stroke and general neurology teams with an attending on each service while the third attending is on academic time. Each team has a primary service as well as a consultation service. The format
allows for each physician to be well known to the emergency department, internal medicine department, and other consulting services.
Housing the two hospitalist programs together allows for unique synergies. For example, the neurohospitalists and internal medicine hospitalists have partnered to create a quality improvement project involving acute ischemic stroke patients. “Target Stroke” was an initiative to reduce time to IV tPA treatment. The project began in July 2011, and 2 stages of intervention have occurred. The first stage changed the stroke alert criteria from 24 to 8 hours, streamlined the stroke alert protocol, added a pharmacist to the stroke alert paging system, and provided more regular feedback to the entire team involved in each patient’s care. The second stage included waving labs that are unlikely to be abnormal, placing all stroke alerts in the trauma room if possible, and expediting the CT scan. This project has been a tremendous success, and has decreased time to tPA in stroke patients, as shown in the chart below. This project was a great collaboration between the neurology and internal medicine hospitalist groups, the emergency department, pharmacy, and radiology.

Jennifer Simpson MD
Practice Profiles / Blue Sky Neurology
« Last post by Dave Likosky on July 14, 2012, 04:06:24 PM »
Blue Sky Neurology, PLLC was established in 2005, to provide dedicated neurohospitalist services to its principal hospital, Swedish Medical Center, in Denver Colorado. This unusual name for a medical practice was chosen to portray a brighter outlook for neurological patients than in the past. BSN has grown from 2 to 6 neurohospitalists who are boarded in stroke, neurocritical care, neurodiagnostics and neuro- opthalmology. BSN’s neurohospitalists consult on patients in the emergency department and hospital, admit and co-manage patients with intensivists in the neurocritical care unit, perform and interpret inpatient neurodiagnostic tests such as EMG and EEG, provide telestroke consultations for its partner regional teleneurology networks, and lead and participate in acute stroke clinical trials. In addition, Blue Sky Neurology has expanded “on the ground” coverage to include several of the Denver metropolitan hospitals in the HealthOne and Exempla systems. By contracting with hospitals to provide services, BSN has been able to continue to grow in a fully private practice environment.

In 2007, Blue Sky Neurosciences PLLC was formed as an umbrella managing organization for its two divisions; the original Blue Sky (Inpatient) Neurology division, and the newly formed Blue Sky Outpatient Neurology division, composed of dedicated outpatient neurologists. By forming separate entities, each division is able to contract, manage and function optimally with its unique needs in mind. Blue Sky Neurology incorporated telestroke early into its neurohospitalist practice, which lead to increased regional recognition and influence throughout Colorado and into the surrounding states of Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas. Affiliation with the Colorado Neurological Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education, community outreach and research, facilitated their participation in acute stroke trials, such as IMS III, POINT, Stellar, and ENGAGE, to name a few.
The neurologists of Blue Sky Neurosciences are also actively engaged in improving the quality of inpatient neurological services at each of the hospitals they serve as medical directors, and speak and publish on regional and national levels. The vision of Blue Sky Neurosciences is to provide comprehensive neurological care from the ED to outpatient setting.
Ira Chang, MD
Practice Profiles / Mayo Clinic Florida
« Last post by Dave Likosky on July 14, 2012, 04:04:51 PM »
The neurohospitalist program at Mayo Clinic Florida was established in 2005 with four neurohospitalists. It has grown to 5 neurologists, with four being neurovascular/stroke-boarded and one neurocritical care-boarded.

At the inception of the neurohospitalist program, the Mayo Clinic Florida practice had 17 neurologists with a wide range of subspecialties. The neurohospitalist program admits patients primarily and consults on other patients in the emergency department, floor/ward, and ICU. In 2007, a dedicated NeuroICU service was created; it manages all NeuroICU patients primarily and consults on all ICU patients with neurological issues (medical, surgical, and transplant ICU). In 2011, Mayo Clinic Florida started a neurohospitalist fellowship program, the first of its kind in the Southeast region. The program currently accepts one fellow per year. The Mayo Clinic Florida practice now includes 24 neurologists, providing service in 14 subspecialties. With 8 neurosurgeons and interventional radiologists, they are all engaged in Mayo's 3-shield mission focus on integrated patient care, education, and research. The neurohospitalist fellowship is based at the state-of-the-art, 214-bed hospital (opened April, 2008) at the unified Mayo campus in Jacksonville, FL.

Questions about the Mayo Clinic Florida Neurohospitalist Program can be directed to Dr. William David Freeman.
Practice Profiles / Emory University
« Last post by neuroAdmin on July 14, 2012, 04:01:48 PM »
The Hospital Neurology Program was recently created to provide the best in primary and tertiary care for inpatients across the Emory system, to discover novel ways to improve inpatient neurology care, and to provide superior educational experiences for those interested in practicing neurology in the inpatient setting.

The program currently covers three acute care hospitals in Atlanta: Emory University Hospital (a 500-bed tertiary referral center), Emory University Hospital Midtown (a 500-bed academic community hospital in downtown Atlanta), and Wesley Woods Hospital (a 100-bed geriatric hospital). There are plans to cover the other two hospitals in the Emory system within the next 5 years, moving from our current 3.5 FTE to 15 FTE.

The program has been designed from the ground up to address weaknesses in our current model related to all three facets of our academic mission (clinical care, research, and education). One of the major changes to our plan for delivering inpatient neurology care in the academic setting will be providing 24/7 in-house coverage by attending neurohospitalists. In addition, the administrators of all of our hospitals have agreed to provide financial support for the program moving forward. We feel that this type of partnership between academic neurologists and our hospitals will be transformative for our department and the patients we serve. 

Our program is based in the neurology department, with guidance from the medicine hospitalist group.  We have a Neurohospitalist Governance Committee that includes representatives from neurology, hospital medicine, and administration of all the hospitals that meets quarterly.

For more information, please contact James G. Greene, MD, PhD, Director of Hospital Neurology.
Archived Newsletters / Newsletter #3
« Last post by neuroAdmin on July 14, 2012, 03:57:01 PM »
Archived Newsletters / Newsletter #2
« Last post by neuroAdmin on July 14, 2012, 03:55:23 PM »
Here is the second NHS newsletter.

For questions or comments, please email
Archived Newsletters / Newlsletter #1
« Last post by neuroAdmin on July 14, 2012, 03:51:24 PM »
Here is the first NHS newsletter.

For questions or comments, please email
« Last post by neuroDoc on May 20, 2012, 05:41:59 PM »
Subsequent survey now completed...should be interesting to see the results...
« Last post by neuroDoc on May 17, 2012, 08:19:02 AM »
A recent survey designed to define the current scope of neurohospitalist practice found that 75% of respondents had post-residency training or certification, 70% of which was in vascular neurology.6 Respondents were equally split between academics and private practice and 8% considered themselves full-time neurohospitalists. Neurohospitalist income varied depending on geography, but ranged from $150,000 to $450,000 per year with a median around $220,000. The survey highlights the current diversity in background and practice models among neurohospitalists.


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General Discussion / Welcome to SMF!
« Last post by Simple Machines on May 17, 2012, 05:39:18 AM »
Welcome to Simple Machines Forum!

We hope you enjoy using your forum.  If you have any problems, please feel free to ask us for assistance.

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