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Our Mission

Backgrounds in neurology, internal medicine-neurology, stroke, and neurocritical care.

The NeuroHospitalist Society (NHS) was formed to create a central unifying organization of neurohospitalists. Neurohospitalists are physicians and providers who care for hospitalized patients with, or at risk for, neurological disorders and disease. We are a rapidly growing group focused on managing acute neurological illness and defined more by 'what we do' than a particular training experience. The Neurohospitalist Society advances neurological health care for hospitalized patients and supports the development of a vibrant neurohospitalist community and profession.

Our Vision

To enable the Neurohospitalist community to flourish, the practice to advance, the patients to thrive, and the members to succeed.

Our Patients: The Three Cs

The Common: Stroke, seizures, headaches, MS exacerbations, vertigo. Neurotrauma, syncope, acute confusional states, back pain

The Critical: Stroke, CNS infectious and inflammatory, epilepsy, myelopathies, neuromuscular emergencies, movement disorders emergencies, rapidly progressive dementias

The Curious: Unusual, emergent conditions

Results & Outcomes

Hospitals & Patients May Benefit From

Patient safety

Neurohospitalists build tools and develop strategies to address safety measures in patients with neurological presentations.


The length of stay is shorter when a neurohospitalist is the attending. Patients get high quality care and walk away more educated than when they arrived.

Healthy Staff

Burnout in neurology is a problem, but may not be a substantial problem for neurohospitalists compared to other subspecialities based upon our recent survey.


Neurohospitalists are available to patients, families and providers. Teams are built and created to solve hospital problems by those who know the hospital the best.

Results & Outcomes

Physicians May Benefit From


Expanded knowledge and skills in hospital neurology.


Physician satisfaction is improved, as are patient outcomes.


Reduced burnout from long hours and conflict with outpatient practice.

Cost Effective

Decreased practice costs.

Become A Member Today

Registered members of The Neurohospitalist Society have access to the discussion forums and archives as well as the e-newsletter, NHS News. Membership is available to any physicians, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, or staffing companies who are interested in improving acute neurological healthcare.