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What We Do


The NeuroHospitalist Society (NHS) was formed to create a central unifying organization of neurohospitalists. Neurohospitalists are physicians and providers who care for hospitalized patients with, or at risk for, neurological disorders and disease. We are a rapidly growing group focused on managing acute neurological illness and defined more by ‘what we do’ than a particular training experience.

The Neurohospitalist Society advances neurological health care for hospitalized patients and supports the development of a vibrant neurohospitalist community and profession.


To enable the Neurohospitalist community to flourish, the practice to advance, the patients to thrive, and the members to succeed.



Physician satisfaction is improved, as are patient outcomes.


Cost Effective
Decreased practice costs.


Healthy Staff
Burnout in neurology is a problem, but may not be a substantial problem for neurohospitalists compared to other subspecialties based upon our recent survey.