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Neurohospitalist Fellowship Accreditation

Statement of Purpose

The Neurohospitalist Society formed a fellowship accreditation committee to review and accredit neurohospitalist fellowship programs, ensure a standard level of educational quality, and promote training opportunities for neurohospitalists.

NHS Fellowship Accreditation Committee


Vanja Douglas, MD - Fellowship Accreditation Committee Chair

University of California,
San Francisco


Carl Gold, MD, MS

Stanford University


Karen Orjuela, MD

University of Colorado
School of Medicine


Maulik Shah, MD, MHS

University of California,
San Francisco


Jana Wold, MD

University of Utah

About Accreditation

Why does neurohospitalist fellowship accreditation matter?

Neurohospitalist Fellowship programs provide specialized training in the comprehensive care of hospitalized patients with neurologic disorders. As of 2022, there are six active Neurohospitalist Fellowship Programs in the US and as many as 10 other programs are in development. Program directors have sought formal accreditation for Neurohospitalist Fellowship programs for several reasons including:

  • To ensure a high-quality educational experience
  • To support departmental and institutional funding decisions
  • To provide candidates a fellowship opportunity comparable to other accredited neurological subspecialty fellowships

In addition, directors of developing programs have requested guidance on curriculum design and program implementation. To meet the needs of its members, the Neurohospitalist Society has developed a process for initial and ongoing accreditation of new and existing neurohospitalist fellowship programs. To enhance this community, the Neurohospitalist Society will continue to support regular national neurohospitalist fellowship educational conferences and national meetings of neurohospitalist fellowship program directors, and will offer consultative services for new program directors.

Overview of Accreditation Requirements

Accreditation will depend upon the program demonstrating institutional infrastructure capable of supporting the fellowship, in addition to providing a curriculum that meets key training requirements for neurohospitalist practice. Review the Core Program Requirements for a detailed list of all requirements.