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Accreditation Process

Application deadline is May 1, 2024, accreditation notification by June 15, 2024

  1. Initial accreditation

    1. Applications are due by May 1. The NHS accreditation committee, members of which are appointed by the Neurohospitalist Society Executive Committee, will review applications once per year. If there are no stipulations following initial review, notification of initial accreditation decisions will be mailed by December 1.
    2. Applications must be submitted online here.
    3. The application fee for initial accreditation applications is $2000.
    4. The Neurohospitalist Society will provide consultation for fellowship directors if requested. Requests for consultation should be submitted via email to Program directors will be paired with an accredited Neurohospitalist fellowship director or other experienced clinical educator. For the first two hours of consultation, no fee will be charged. Beyond two hours, the consultation fee is $250 per hour.
  2. Continued accreditation

    1. A status report must be submitted by May 1, annually. Failure to submit on time will result in loss of accreditation.
      1. The annual status report must be submitted online here.
      2. The annual status report will list the Sponsoring Institution, Sponsoring Department, participating sites, fellowship director, fellowship coordinator (if any), # of current fellows, # of fellows starting in July of the coming academic year, and major changes to the program that took place during the prior academic year or anticipated in the coming academic year, if any.
    2. A biennial program evaluation report (BPER) must be submitted by May 1 every two years. This report substitutes for the annual status report in alternating years. Failure to submit on time will result in loss of accreditation.
      1. The BPER must be submitted online here.
      2. The BPER will consist of the information gathered in the annual report as well as a list of program faculty, their specialty and board certification, list of most recent fellowship graduate(s), current fellow(s), and fellow(s) starting in July of the coming academic year, whether any fellows failed to complete the program, the fellowship director’s program evaluation report to the fellowship evaluation committee and the committee’s SWOT analysis.
    3. The annual fee for continued accreditation is $2000.
    4. Notification of continuing accreditation will be mailed by December 1.
  3. Trainee complement: The number of fellows that can be accommodated by the training program must be specified in the initial and continued accreditation applications. A change in trainee complement can be requested at the time of annual review, or by using the complement change request form can be submitted here. Complement change requests will be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis, and the Committee will review within two months. The fee for a complement change request when submitted separately from the annual status report or biennial program evaluation report is $500.
  4. NHS does not need to give prior approval for programmatic changes with the exception of an increase in the number of trainees in the program. However, programmatic changes may result in a loss of accreditation during the next continuing review cycle if the changes lead to noncompliance with any of the core program requirements.